Birds Galore!

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 Happy 4th of July, Covid 19 style!


I didn't post anything yesterday because after an incident in the morning, I wasn't in a good place. As I was pulling the car out of the driveway to go for my morning walk I spotted a Grey Catbird on the side of the road in the grass. I thought that it was eating something and continued on my way but after driving a quarter mile down the road something made me turn back to make sure that it was okay. Sure enough the bird was struggling. I picked it up and it was apparent to me that it probably collided with a car. I pick it up and gave it comfort and it twitched in my hands until it took it's last breath.

Earlier that morning, one of these catbirds were perched on the top rung of a ladder that is currently located outside of the window of my office. it was curiously staring in at my cat Iggy and I for a minute or two. I am almost certain that this was the same bird and I'm sure that it's one of the many that live on our property. 

I buried it in the yard in our own "Pet Sematary" as I felt it was one of our pets.

In honor of that Grey Catbird, today I've decided to post a few bird images for anyone who may have missed them on my Instagram page.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

These beautiful birds are frequent visitors to the Cherry Tree outside the 2nd story windows during the early days of June when the cherries begin to ripen. I find that these birds are quite difficult to capture because they rarely stay still and don't usually visit the side of the tree close to the camera.

Grey Catbird
 Cedar Waxwing These, along with the Sparrows, are the easiest to photograph. They have no problem with sitting close and posing for me.


American Robin This is a juvenile American Robin. House Sparrow

I hope that you all enjoy todays selection! Have a Happy 4th of July!


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