What better way to announce to the world that you are both going to be married than an inspiring engagement session? My bold, cinematic styled images are unattainable from any budget 'photographer' and will surely set the tone for your bold new life together!  

These are some packages designed for different budgets and this is a limited time offer for new clients that will at least run through April. I am testing the waters with these in an attempt to adapt my cinematic style to them.

Engagement Sessions$200 sitting fee, prints at an additional cost. 

Plan on 60 minutes of time in my studio here in Windsor or a local location. 100-125 frames 45-50 edited images.   

Mini Engagement Sessions$125 sitting fee, prints at an additional cost. 

Plan on 30 minutes of time in my studio/ property here in Windsor. 40-50 frames and 15-20 edited images. These shoots can be done here on my property and on the farm behind me. 

Custom Stylized Engagement Sessions$275 hourly rate + travel, prints are also at an additional cost 

For a unique, over the top session that looks like a scene from a movie or magazine! This package is for most outdoor work with more complicated location set ups requiring assistants. 


*For each of these packages, I will email an access code to the private gallery where the proofs can be downloaded and shared amongst family and friends. All proofs contain my logo. Proofs will be edited and posted online usually within approximately 24-72 hours. 


No fuss, high quality print ordering is done directly through my website. All prints are done professionally on quality papers through Mpix and colors are spot on. Here is a list of current prices. http://www.stephenkahrs.com/2015_print_prices.pdf

DVD's with Hi Resolution edited images without logo are available for an extra $40.00. I cannot guarantee quality of prints printed elsewhere. 

Orders usually are approved and processed the same day and sent to the printer. Prints usually arrive within 3-5 days, maybe longer during the holidays. orders can be processed using a credit card.

Photo Books are also available for purchase.